We specialize in home decor, furniture, fine art, and accessories that celebrate classic Americana, a bit of English country, and a dash of equestrian chic. Based in the heart of  horse country and just south of the pristine Adirondack mountains, we strive to honor our region's beauty and vernacular through our carefully curated products and art selection.

We are a mother-daughter team who have been collaborating on interior design since the early 80's, when I would drag Chelsea to fabric outlets in Massachusetts, when she was still in diapers. With Silverwood Home & Gallery, we hope to bring you a full home design experience, plus some! We feature fine art, antiques, home decor, unique jewelry, and personal accessories.... basically all of our favorite things! 

- Charlene

In 2010, we opened our first store in Bolton Landing, then moved to Saratoga Springs in 2011. With our store, Mom and I can help manage our addiction to all things classically Adirondack and Equestrian. We work with an eclectic mix of furniture, antiques, and decor that we feel blends well with other traditional styles, thus creating a warm home feel with character and patina. We invite you to come in and see for yourself!