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We are feeling the love!

Looking for the perfect something..something for your Valentine? We are feeling the love these days and want to share it with you! Now through Valentine’s Day get 25% off the entire store (*some exclusions apply). Use code: LOVE2017 for online … Continue reading

Winter Clutter… meet, Storage Solutions.

It’s that time again… the post- holiday gift “hang-over”/ indoor-time clutter explosion. We feel like we’re busting at the seams! Once again, I longingly peruse furniture catalogs and Pinterest for ideas on how to hide it all, find the perfect, … Continue reading

If these walls could talk… (I think they just did.)

Found: Cool old Saratoga Race Track sign. Where: In the wall (!!!). As we were doing a little sheetrock work, we found this cool, old sign buried in the lathe and plaster walls at Carriage House Lane. It’s filthy, but … Continue reading

Little Sissy, All Grown Up!

My sister, Madi, recently graduated from college and just landed her first Big Girl Job, which also enabled her to rent her first Big Girl Apartment in Boston with her boyfriend, Luke. This is their first time living together and … Continue reading

Wee Home Update

A year or so ago we did a post on the “tiny home” movement, which we LOVE. In theory. The movement has kind of exploded- there has even been a week-long series of House Hunters devoted exclusively to tiny home … Continue reading

An Equestrian Christmas

There is something innately “Christmasy” about English-style equestrian things. The red jackets worn for the hunt, the traditional black velvet helmets, the shiny gold and silver of the tack, trophies, and horns… I mean, just picture pretty much anything Ralph … Continue reading

OMG! Christmas is in 3 days!

Ok, so I’m a little behind the ball (I mean, I’m just posting on Christmas decorating ideas)… but who doesn’t feel that way this time of year? It always just seems that we are just going, going, going, trying to … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Table Round-Up!

As the days become more frigid, our cravings for warm, hearty food increase and our instincts to nest, in preparation for the long winter ahead, make this time of year one of the most fun times to decorate the home. … Continue reading

Let’s talk about the Saratoga casino.

With all the discourse and opinions that float around social media, why do I feel that no one seems to be talking about the proposed casino that will be built virtually in our backyards? In a town full of young … Continue reading

Hello world!

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Hooked on Houses Featured My Kitchen!

I’m so excited that one of my favorite blogs, Hooked on Houses, chose our kitchen as one of their new posts featuring reader’s kitchens! Thanks for including me, Julia!! If you haven’t checked out this blog yet, you must! Hooked … Continue reading

Let’s get this show on the road!

It seems only fitting that I post an image of my actual carriage house on the first post… this was the first home my husband and I purchased and renovated. It’s in downtown Saratoga Springs, in upstate New York. It … Continue reading