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New Design Project: California Dreamin’

We are working on a renovation with a client who has a home near the beach just south of LA. The project is pretty massive in scope, but we are starting with the kitchen, which is tiny in comparison. However, … Continue reading

CHL-The Kitchen Gets Started

Budget and timing are big factors at this point in the game. Phase one of the Carriage House Lane renovation needs to be “quick and dirty”. Make the place livable and get Char in as soon as possible, so she … Continue reading

DIY Thanksgiving Table Ideas

Wow. It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is still a week away. I’ve been so bombarded by Christmas already, in our store (we have to keep up…) and others, I feel like Thanksgiving should be well behind us by now. … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Table Round-Up!

As the days become more frigid, our cravings for warm, hearty food increase and our instincts to nest, in preparation for the long winter ahead, make this time of year one of the most fun times to decorate the home. … Continue reading