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New Design Project: California Dreamin’

We are working on a renovation with a client who has a home near the beach just south of LA. The project is pretty massive in scope, but we are starting with the kitchen, which is tiny in comparison. However, … Continue reading

Interior Design Services Offered by Silverwood

We’ve been getting more and more requests and inquiries regarding design services, so we’ve finally created a more formal and streamlined menu of services, including our great “Express” in-home design consultation, which offers a great, budget-friendly way to get a … Continue reading

CHL-The Kitchen Gets Started

Budget and timing are big factors at this point in the game. Phase one of the Carriage House Lane renovation needs to be “quick and dirty”. Make the place livable and get Char in as soon as possible, so she … Continue reading

Sneak Peek: One of the best backyards in town.

For this year’s Home and Garden issue of Simply Saratoga, Mark Hogan and Rob Saba invited me into their little in-town oasis, otherwise known as their (epic) backyard. This is by far one of the most gorgeous residential outdoor spaces … Continue reading

DIY Thanksgiving Table Ideas

Wow. It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is still a week away. I’ve been so bombarded by Christmas already, in our store (we have to keep up…) and others, I feel like Thanksgiving should be well behind us by now. … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Table Round-Up!

As the days become more frigid, our cravings for warm, hearty food increase and our instincts to nest, in preparation for the long winter ahead, make this time of year one of the most fun times to decorate the home. … Continue reading

Because it was clean… Presenting our living room!

 Lately, I rarely post pictures of my own house. This is mostly because: a. I own a home accessories store and I am constantly staging and merchandizing there, so my own home gets neglected because that is the last thing … Continue reading

‘Tis the Season: To Glide or not to Glide

It seems that most of my friends seem to get jiggy with it when the weather starts to turn chilly in early fall, because once again I have a handful of friends who are expecting this spring and early summer. … Continue reading

Mamatoga Magazine Nursery Makeover

Robin Dalton and I were at it again! Last time we tackled her playroom for $500 or less, and now, with a new baby in the Dalton brood, it was time for a new $500 project-  Baby Ali’s nursery! It … Continue reading

Ode to a Leading Lady- The Adelphi Hotel

As many Saratogians know, the Adelphi just had a HUGE sale, selling off its old (and not-so-old) furniture, tchotchkes, and even old tv’s, as it prepares to undergo what is sure to be a colossal makeover. The lines reached Starbucks … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

 As many of our readers know, my mom and I are in the retail business, which makes November and December basically a non-stop blur of business and rushing about (although, I think it feels that way to everyone, doesn’t it?). … Continue reading

A shed by any other name…

Ahh, little buildings. Guest cottages, playhouses, pool cabanas, potting sheds, and conservatories… all things I love, all things that tend to be miniature versions, in one way or another, of the houses they belong too. Like babies and children, aren’t … Continue reading

The Barn on Fish Point

 We’re back in a Carriage House! We’ve rented our house in Saratoga for the track season and we’ve moved up to a family place on Lake George, fittingly called The Barn by our family (after all, “carriage house” might be … Continue reading

‘Tis the Season (Part 2: Storage for Toy/ Book Madness)

Nurseries and play rooms (or just any room where the kids tend to play) can quickly become disaster zones where the toys and books rule. Before I had kids, I always told myself that my house would never become dominated … Continue reading

‘Tis the Season! (Part 1: Cribs)

 Wow- it really is Spring! TWO pairs of our close friends were blessed with new babies Monday, despite the fact that they were due at opposite ends of the month. What are the odds? In celebration of little Benjamin and … Continue reading

Family Room Reno: From Stinky Mudroom to Sunny Sanctuary

When we bought Yellow House (that’s what we’ll call the new place from now on to identify it), it had a dark, closed- off kitchen and an even darker “mudroom” (I guess that’s what you’d call it- it was a … Continue reading

Master Bath: Before & After

Like our Little Carriage House that Could on Regent Street, our new house needed a complete renovation. It had good bones (well, it’s a little arthritic here and there- the floors are pretty crooked) but needed a ton of cosmetic … Continue reading

Wallpaper Whimsy

I love that people are getting so clever with wallpaper design. I have always been a huge fan of Cole & Son’s “Woods” wallpaper, which has been around for a while now (6 rolls of it have been sitting in … Continue reading