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If these walls could talk… (I think they just did.)

Found: Cool old Saratoga Race Track sign. Where: In the wall (!!!). As we were doing a little sheetrock work, we found this cool, old sign buried in the lathe and plaster walls at Carriage House Lane. It’s filthy, but … Continue reading

Sneak Peek: Timber Frame Stunner

I am so excited about this month’s Simply Saratoga issue. For this issue, my friends, Ed and Nicole, let me shoot their gorgeous new home just outside of Saratoga. Not only did they design a super cool house but Ed … Continue reading

Hot Tubbin’ and it Feels So Good…

Ok, winter… you got us! Unkle! Unkle! This winter, like the last, has been one for the books, in terms of temperatures. I feel like we don’t even reference the “Polar Vortex” anymore because it’s just become the status quo. … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Quick Picks from Silverwood

Obviously Thanksgiving is the ultimate entertainer’s holiday- the entire holiday revolves around food, drink, family, and friends (and maybe some football). What’s not to like? Whether you are the “home team” or away this Thanksgiving, here are a few items … Continue reading

Classic Country

After Char had the pleasure of visiting this charming store in East Chatham, NY, she insisted that we take the new baby on his first road trip for a second visit as soon as possible… Everett was three weeks old. … Continue reading

Foxy Ladies!

 It seems that this is indeed the Fall of the fox. In home decor, fashion, viral videos (we’ll get to  that, if you don’t know what I mean), the sly fox is king of the animal world (de-throning last Fall’s … Continue reading

Score! Cute kids stuff by Suger Booger by O.R.E.

This week I bought Bix the cutest “Splat Mat” and kiddie apron from Suger Booger by O.R.E. online (it shipped free, in 2 days from I feel guilty that I didn’t buy these locally, but to be fair I … Continue reading

Blog on Blog: Design Sponge

 One of my favorite blogs, Design Sponge, has asked a fellow local blogger to guest- write one of their City Guides for our fair city… we’re in the big leagues now, people! To check out this nicely written, very comprehensive … Continue reading

Score! (wire Smith & Hawken outdoor baskets)

It’s no secret that I love Target. I shop there at least once a week, I have a Target card (5% off every purchase, people!), and I even own stock in Target (it helps me justify my habit… at least … Continue reading

Building a brave New World Home

I discovered the amazing pre-fab home manufacturer, New World Home, when I was doing some of my continuing ed for my real estate license, last year. The course was on “green building” and it was a video course, so it … Continue reading

Sneak Peek: Simply Saratoga Magazine Article

I am so excited to announce that Simply Saratoga magazine has asked me to adapt my blog for a new series of articles for the magazine! For my first article, one our favorite Silverwood artists, Jennifer Lanne, so graciously let … Continue reading

Saratoga Home & Lifestyle Show 2013

This year we decided to get a booth to promote Silverwood at the Saratoga Rotary’s Home and Lifestyle show at the City Center. It is actually my first time attending the show (Mom’s been before) and now I know what a … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

 As many of our readers know, my mom and I are in the retail business, which makes November and December basically a non-stop blur of business and rushing about (although, I think it feels that way to everyone, doesn’t it?). … Continue reading

A shed by any other name…

Ahh, little buildings. Guest cottages, playhouses, pool cabanas, potting sheds, and conservatories… all things I love, all things that tend to be miniature versions, in one way or another, of the houses they belong too. Like babies and children, aren’t … Continue reading

The Barn on Fish Point

 We’re back in a Carriage House! We’ve rented our house in Saratoga for the track season and we’ve moved up to a family place on Lake George, fittingly called The Barn by our family (after all, “carriage house” might be … Continue reading

Blistering Brimfield

Woowee! Summer is here with a vengeance! Sorry it’s been a while since my last post- between a wedding in Colorado and getting our house and store ready for Track I have been flat out. My mom was not exaggerating … Continue reading

Shopper’s Field Trip: Hudson

If you haven’t made a trip down the Valley to Hudson, you should put it on your “to go” list. It’s an odd little town- the main drag (Warren Street) has a treasure trove of galleries, eateries, and home design … Continue reading

‘Tis the Season (Part 2: Storage for Toy/ Book Madness)

Nurseries and play rooms (or just any room where the kids tend to play) can quickly become disaster zones where the toys and books rule. Before I had kids, I always told myself that my house would never become dominated … Continue reading

‘Tis the Season! (Part 1: Cribs)

 Wow- it really is Spring! TWO pairs of our close friends were blessed with new babies Monday, despite the fact that they were due at opposite ends of the month. What are the odds? In celebration of little Benjamin and … Continue reading

Torso Lingerie Studio- Saratoga

Our immediate shop neighbor, Deborah Curcio, has created a beautifully edited lingerie store that strives to make the lingerie shopping experience a special and comfortable experience for women and men alike. Obviously, with Torso’s feminine, French boudoir aesthetic, it is … Continue reading

Krazy for Kantha

This Indian- style of embroidery, called Kantha, has been popping up here and there lately and I love it! Apparently, Kantha is the type of running stitch that you will see on these usually exotic looking fabrics, often made from … Continue reading

Pier Me!

And finally, just a couple photos off Anna Maria’s Historic City Pier(s)… The water is GORGEOUS turquoise, which is not as obvious in these photos, I think because of the filter I used. The pier itself is awesome. It’s like … Continue reading

Anna Maria Miscellaneous

Ok, so I had big plans to document all the cute places we went in Anna Maria this past trip down. I ended up cutting my trip short so that I could leave darling bebe at home with his daddy … Continue reading

Anna Maria, Florida: Ginny and Janee’s at the Old IGA

A few weeks back, I mentioned the island of Anna Maria, Florida as a fun, cute place to visit. It also happens to be pretty popular with Saratogians and Boltonians, for such a small island. Mom and I went to … Continue reading


Even though there are 6 inches of soggy snow in my driveway, I can just feel Spring peeping around the corner. The air is less bitter, the days are a bit longer, and I can feel that joie to vivre, that warmer … Continue reading

Wallpaper Whimsy

I love that people are getting so clever with wallpaper design. I have always been a huge fan of Cole & Son’s “Woods” wallpaper, which has been around for a while now (6 rolls of it have been sitting in … Continue reading

C’est La Vie

We are not just here to toot our own design horn, so to speak, whether it be at home or at work. We  also like to recommend other local businesses, designers, and homeowners that we feel contribute something unique to … Continue reading

I Heart Lonny

Unfortunately, my favorite home magazine, domino, was yet another fatality of this awful recession. However, some of the people behind domino regrouped and started an amazing online magazine called Lonny (as in London/ New York), which is now in it’s 3rd … Continue reading

Geodes and Raw Stones

I love the raw beauty of a split geode and druzy jewelry. A geode is a sort of pocket that forms within igneous and sedimentary rock in which crystals form. When split open, a sparkly, dazzling interior is revealed, creating … Continue reading