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The Carriage House Chronicles

CHL-The Kitchen Gets Started


The kitchen, before today. 

Budget and timing are big factors at this point in the game. Phase one of the Carriage House Lane renovation needs to be “quick and dirty”. Make the place livable and get Char in as soon as possible, so she can get her things out of storage and nest a bit. We don’t have all year to leisurely put additions on and gut the place. Plus, we don’t want to- we love the charm of the old bead-board and cabinets… if she wanted a new house, she would have bought one.

One of the biggest problems with the house is the cramped kitchen. It was more like a butler’s pantry than a kitchen. So, working with the space we’ve got, we are taking one wall out (non- structural) and moving the cabinets back to add another 3-4 feet of space. No major plumbing or electrical moved. The rest is cosmetic. Easy peasy! It won’t be a dream kitchen with immense “openness” and counter space for miles, but it will work. It will be quaint, with it’s original cabinetry, and newly modernized with new appliances and a new island. Plus, if Char ever decides to put her dream addition on the place, this reno won’t be wasted (waste is something we both abhor). It will serve quite well as the new butler’s pantry.



There used to be a door way here, at the end of the countertop. 


The old layout. You came in the back door and right into the fridge. (The room to the right was the dining room but will be come the mudroom.)


The new layout is only slighter bigger but much more functional. The previous kitchen had a nice walk-in pantry (the small space behind the fridge in the old kitchen), but it was more important to have space is the main kitchen, so sadly it went “bye-bye”.

Shout-out to my brother, Reeves, for the quick CAD designs. Good job, bro!


Carriage House Lane- The Story Begins


My favorite street in Saratoga has always been Carriage House Lane. When we lived at “Grey Gables” at 14 Clement Avenue and later in the big red barn at 53 Greenfield Avenue, I used to walk my dogs down Carriage House Lane and pine over the adorable white carriage house on the corner. I would even periodically put notes in the mailbox asking the owner that if they ever were to consider selling, to please contact me first (that is how I purchased my last home- sometimes it works!).

One evening this fall, Chelsea, the biggest real estate scout I know (she is always scouring the web, looking at homes and markets all over the country) called me practically screaming. After my initial heart attack, she finally got it out that my favorite house had just been listed on the MLS. I was ecstatic and could not sleep that night over the reality that I was FINALLY going to get an opportunity to see my Dream Cottage.

I made an appointment the next morning and immediately wrote an offer. I closed on the home on Monday, December 14th and I am over the moon with excitement over all the plans I have to restore and renovate this “cutey patooty” home. Also, fun fact, this was the carriage house for Inniscara, the home of Chauncey Olcott, who wrote the beloved Irish ballad, “When Irish Eyes are Smiling”. Even more charming!

The street side of my new home.

The street side of my new home.

I always enjoyed the series in House Beautiful titled “The Bee Cottage”. It was the story of the renovation of the author’s CT cottage after the end of a longterm relationship and the re birth of a cottage that she loved. I hope to do a similar series and hope you will enjoy following the progress of my journey in the “C Cottage”.

Happy New Year!


A few of our favorite things: Halloween

Halloween Picks

It’s hard to believe that Halloween is right around the corner! Since we are just a week away, we’re featuring our favorite Fall items that stretch from Halloween and beyond. Our pumpkins and candles are perfect for your Thanksgiving decor and our little “whimsy” LED lights are great under a cloche almost any time of year- just swap out a festive item to celebrate each new season or holiday. Right now, we’ve chosen some faux fall leaves and a hand-decoupaged faux pumpkin to give it an autumn feel. Stop in to Silverwood in Saratoga and check out our Fall decor while it lasts! (Bonus: mention this post and we’ll give you 15% off any full-priced fall decor item!


Sneak Peek: One of the best backyards in town.

Hogan 1For this year’s Home and Garden issue of Simply Saratoga, Mark Hogan and Rob Saba invited me into their little in-town oasis, otherwise known as their (epic) backyard. This is by far one of the most gorgeous residential outdoor spaces in Saratoga (and indoor spaces as well- remember this house from the Fall Showcase of Homes issue?). The layout, the stonework, the pergola, the fireplace… just amazing. I have utter and complete backyard envy. When you see the article, you’ll see why.

The Home & Garden issue of Simply Saratoga comes off the press shortly- don’t miss it!

hogan 3

hogan 4

hogan 2

And Jamison for the finale. Because who doesn't love a cute golden retriever?

And their dog, Jamison, for the finale. Because who doesn’t love a cute golden retriever?


Sneak Peek: Timber Frame Stunner

DSC_0143I am so excited about this month’s Simply Saratoga issue. For this issue, my friends, Ed and Nicole, let me shoot their gorgeous new home just outside of Saratoga. Not only did they design a super cool house but Ed and Nicole also have great eyes for collecting. This house has been years in the making, and so have the furnishings- Ed says he’ll buy something years ahead, just knowing where the piece will end up. My personal faves? The vintage dixie cup holder and gum-ball dispensers in the kids bath (if you’re the parent of a toddler, you can probably guess what the gum-balls in the bathroom are for…). And the kids bedrooms? Like a Land of Nod catalogue come to life- Lawrence and Penelope are some lucky kiddos!

Each room in the house feels lovingly curated, not impulsively bought for. However, it also feels homey and comfortable, just as a young family’s home should. Thanks, Ed and Nicole!

Side note- this is also my first issue shooting the photos myself! It was a lot of work, but I absolutely LOVE having total creative control. Here are a few images that didn’t quite make the cut for magazine (and trust me- I jammed as many as I could in there! There were just too many to choose from).Hope you enjoy!

Just a pretty little still-life at the Pieper's... no big deal.

Just a pretty little still-life at the Pieper’s… no big deal.


The napkins are by Nicole and Josie Hollander (aka Pipe and Holly). We also carry some of their adorable baby onesies at Silverwood!

The napkins are by Nicole and Josie Hollander (aka Pipe and Holly). We also carry some of their adorable baby onesies at Silverwood!

The barn doors for the kids rooms were a Craigslist score. They backed their son's with a wallpapered panel to help keep sound out. The massive orb light-fixture is Restoration Hardware.

The barn doors for the kids rooms were a Craigslist score. They backed their son’s with a wallpapered panel to help keep sound out. The massive, orb light-fixture is Restoration Hardware.


"Amore" is right!

“Amore” is right!

Never under-estimate the power of the bribe when you're potty training...

Never under-estimate the power of the bribe when you’re potty training… (and yes, this actually takes coins to work).

The Pieper's are big Phish fans and Ed has had all of their local concert posters framed from over the years.

The Pieper’s are big Phish fans and Ed has had all of their local concert posters framed from over the years.

Vintage Saratoga signs. What's not to love?

Vintage Saratoga signs. What’s not to love?

Awesome light from Potterybarn.

Awesome light from Potterybarn.



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