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February 2012

Wallpaper Whimsy

I love that people are getting so clever with wallpaper design. I have always been a huge fan of Cole & Son’s “Woods” wallpaper, which has been around for a while now (6 rolls of it have been sitting in … Continue reading


C’est La Vie

We are not just here to toot our own design horn, so to speak, whether it be at home or at work. We  also like to recommend other local businesses, designers, and homeowners that we feel contribute something unique to … Continue reading


Silverwood Saratoga: Before & After

As some of you in Saratoga know, the old Boyce & Drake on Caroline St. went through a bit of a makeover last May. Our gallery, Silverwood, opened a Saratoga location there in June. We didn’t do a whole lot … Continue reading


The Grand “Foyer” and Staircase

As I’ve mentioned, our little carriage house was quite tiny. It had two exterior doors (one from the front of the house, one from the side yard) that opened onto a small living room/ dining room/ kitchen area. My step-dad, … Continue reading


Bath Renovations

The little Carriage House that Could miraculously had TWO bathrooms in its sprawling 1,000 square feet (well, one and a half before we got to it). Off the downstairs bedroom there was a full bath and upstairs, off the “master”, … Continue reading


Silverwood Bolton

Those of you who visit or live on or near Lake George may have visited our summer location on Route 9N, about 2 miles south of downtown Bolton. The building, an old, stone schoolhouse built in 1887, is compact but … Continue reading


Bix’s First Nursery

As I’ve mentioned, our first home was the little carriage house on Regent St. It’s my husband and my first real home together and the first place we brought our son, Bixby, home to. Today I thought I’d share some pictures … Continue reading


I Heart Lonny

Unfortunately, my favorite home magazine, domino, was yet another fatality of this awful recession. However, some of the people behind domino regrouped and started an amazing online magazine called Lonny (as in London/ New York), which is now in it’s 3rd … Continue reading


Time for a Vacation…

Even though it is an unusually warm winter, I am still ready for a trip somewhere hot at this point. My family had been going to Naples, FL for years, but last year we discovered the tiny island of Anna … Continue reading


Before and After Time!

If you are anything like me, you LOVE a good “before and after” showcase. I mean, what’s House Hunters (oh, I love me some good HGTV) without a glimpse of the family all moved into their new abode? It may … Continue reading


Geodes and Raw Stones

I love the raw beauty of a split geode and druzy jewelry. A geode is a sort of pocket that forms within igneous and sedimentary rock in which crystals form. When split open, a sparkly, dazzling interior is revealed, creating … Continue reading


Let’s get this show on the road!

It seems only fitting that I post an image of my actual carriage house on the first post… this was the first home my husband and I purchased and renovated. It’s in downtown Saratoga Springs, in upstate New York. It … Continue reading